Who are we?


Mindhive. Tim and Bek Bain

Alive, free, creative, interested, engaged, aware, fun.

Presently, Mindhive is a side project by Tim and Bek who are based in Perth, Western Australia. Tim and Bek are parents to two awesome kids, love to engage with life and pretty great at the odd impromptu song.



The Brain. Justin Limb

Joining Tim back in the day when it was just a concept! Now Justin and Tim frequently chat on the mindhive podcast about all thought-provoking things.





Tunes. Nathan Woodward

Lives in Melbourne, a solid friend and must appear as a guest speaker on mindhive podcast sometime.





Images {the good ones} Suzanne Veltjens

Suzanne and her husband Nick are missionaries on Mercy Ships. Suze has a passion for photography and in a recent visit to West Australia’s south she got pretty snap-happy!

As Mindhive grows, Suze has kindly offered her amazing photos for our use and so any of the good images you see are most likely hers. Read up about Nick and Suzanne’s adventures here.